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FTC Presents:

Yellow Face

Friday, November 2nd @ 6:00 pm
Saturday, November 3rd @ 2:00 pm
Saturday, November 3rd @ 9:00 pm

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Written by David Henry Hwang
Produced by Siani Woods
Assistant Produced by Hannah Paquet
Directed by Susanna Jaramillo


Louis Lin as DHH
Sean Begane as Marcus
Philip Chen as HYH/Others
Lauren Payton as Jane Krakowski/Others
Stephanie Zhong as Leah/Others
Annabel Berney as NWOAOC/The Announcer
Dennis Ronel as Stuart/Others


David Henry Hwang accidentally casts a white man, Marcus G. Dahlman, as an Asian in one of the leading roles of Face Value. Comedy ensues as Hwang is first convinced and then tries to convince other people that Marcus has Asian ancestry as a Jew from Siberia. Hwang realizes that Marcus has no Asian blood, but by then, Face Value has cost $2 million and Hwang tries to cover up his mistake. Marcus, however, continues playing his role as an Asian in all parts of his life, becoming an activist for Asian rights, angering Hwang, who views him as an “ethnic tourist.”