Edges PosterNSO Show:

Music and lyrics by Justin Paul and Benj Pasek
Directed by Brandon Fleischer
Produced by Gray Stanton
Assistant-Produced by Greg Olberding

Edges is a song-cycle musical about growth: growing up, growing older, growing apart, growing together. Every song is its own story with its own unique characters, collectively describing the emotional ups and downs of our late teens and early 20s. Through learning to love, learning to let go, learning who they are and learning who they want to be, the characters in Edges reflect the pivotal moments in our lives that help create the people we will become.

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Fall Show: sh
The Shadow Box

Play by Michael Cristofer
Directed by Mira Taichman
Produced by Jessica Schwarz

Three terminal cancer patients dwell in separate cottages on a hospital’s grounds, attended by family and close friends as they await the end. In this Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winning work dealing with the challenges of impending fate, we not only discover the circumstances of the patients’ last moments, but of their entire lives as well.

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Venus in Fur Poster

Winter Show:
Venus in Fur

Play by David Ives
Directed by Zach Baldwin
Produced by Brandon Fleischer

Playwright Thomas Novachek is at a loss. There are simply no actresses talented enough to play his leading lady. Then in walks Vanda, a mysterious siren with the uncanny ability to inhabit his character. All bets are off when the audition quickly escalates into a seductive power play. With loads of cheek and a hint of the erotic, Venus in Fur keeps you on the edge of your seat as you ask: “who is really in charge here?”

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Spring Show:AllMySons_poster
All My Sons

Play by Arthur Miller
Directed by Alex Polyak
Produced by Carson House

Joe Keller, a successful businessman, lives comfortably with his wife, Kate, and son, Chris, in a suburban American neighborhood. They have only one sadness in their lives – the loss of their other son, Larry, in the recently concluded WWII. But when old feelings of guilt and blame get revisited, everyone in the neighborhood is forced to reassess the part they had to play in those tumultuous and unforgivable wartime years..

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