Who are we?

Front Row’s Executive Board is at the heart of every company production, choosing each season’s shows and directors, assembling the entire production staff, and more. Each board member assumes a set of responsibilities to help run the company and works on all Front Row productions during their tenure.

Anyone who acts in an FTC show or works on the production can become a member. Members are eligible to run for Board and vote in board elections each spring.

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Adam Mansell is a lumbersexual teddy bear with a gummy bear addiction.

Adam Mansell, Chair

Hannah Spear once hugged Michelle Obama, and Michelle didn’t shower for a week after.

Hannah Spear, Vice Chair

Louis Lin is Judge of Election for Ward 27 Division 20 in Philadelphia. Need we say anything else?

Louis Lin, Treasurer

Chris Powell deserves a better bio.

Chris Powell, Tech Director

Siani Woods should have a bio. Oops! (This site is under construction.)

Siani Woods, Secretary

Don’t give Haley Mankin coffee, she has plenty of energy without it. Plus, she won’t sleep for a week.

Haley Mankin, Membership Coordinator

Last week, Jenna Miller baked Butterbeer cupcakes for everyone… no one is over it.

Jenna Miller, Digital Director

Elias Kotsis should have a bio. Oops! (This site is under construction.)

Elias Kotsis, Community Liaison

Tess Speranza has the name of a princess, and the personality of a princess. She actually is a princess.

Tess Speranza, Social Chair

David deLacoste-Azizi will fix your computer, your refrigerator, and your broken heart.

David deLacoste, Shadow Chancellor