About FTC

Harrison House - Copyright (C)2010 Greg Benson Photography

Harrison College House: Home of FTC

Theatre With an Impact

Front Row Theatre Company (FTC) is the University of Pennsylvania’s only student group dedicated to performing socially relevant theatre. As a member of the Theatre Arts Council (TAC-e), Front Row works within a vibrant community of artists and performers committed to putting on high quality shows with a purpose. FTC chooses shows and student directors dedicated to starting a conversation about social issues, and also mobilizes the production staff to have a real impact on these issues through focused community service projects.

Front Row & Harrison

In 2003, Harrison College House opened its arms to FTC by asking the group to become its own in-house theatre company. Since that day, the relationship between Harrison and Front Row has only grown stronger and more important. Front Row stages two of its annual performances in the Harrison Rooftop Lounge, an incredibly intimate space that gives FTC the freedom to explore different types of theatre experiences.

Student-Directed, Student-Run

Front Row produces four student-directed shows each academic year during NSO, Fall, Winter, and Spring. Directors and shows are chosen by a student Board elected each year by the body of FTC members.