Due to the impending storm, TAC-e operation will be suspended for this evening (regardless of Penn’s schedule) and possibly into tomorrow. Below is information provided by TAC-e Chair Meg MacInnes, who will be contacting the general TAC-e listserv later.

If school is NOT cancelled tomorrow:
We will have open auditions tomorrow night. All One Acts will be bumped from their rehearsal spaces, and all TAC-e groups will be in the same audition spaces as they were yesterday.

If school IS cancelled tomorrow:
Again, One Acts will be bumped from rehearsal spaces on Wednesday and Thursday. We will have open auditions on Wednesday. Everyone would be in the same space they were yesterday. We will have callbacks on Thursday and Friday. Thursday will be Naatak in 179, Players in 180, and FTC in Harrison. Friday will be Q in Platt 179, 4A in Platt 180, and Stimtuitons in a space to be determined. Platt is extending hours for us.

In that situation, the casting meeting will be held on Friday night.

Feel free to contact Meg with any further questions at tace.chair@gmail.com.

Stay warm and we hope to see you in the next few days for auditions!


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