Rabbit Hole Chat: Carson House

Carson is a sophomore in Mechanical Engineering and set designer for FTC’s upcoming production of “Rabbit Hole”!

Carson House

FTC: What is the job of the set designer?
CH: Not to be overly sassy, but the set designer designs the set. The name says it all.

FTC: What was your biggest inspiration for the Rabbit Hole set?
CH: Alice in Wonderland…but like, sad.

FTC: How many FTC shows have you worked on?
CH: All of them since I’ve been at Penn. So like, 6? 8? I’m tired.

FTC: What meal best describes your personality?
CH: My personal favorite meal combines my two most significant character traits: class and manliness. For manliness we have a 16oz ribeye (20oz may be more manly but it is certainly not classy) cooked so rare it may as well still be mooing. On the side some grilled fennel and roasted parsnip mashed potatoes. The classiness comes in with the wine. I am partial to a ’93 Bordeaux (preferably a Gran Cru) served in a ruby encrusted silver chalice. Class is all about subtlety.

FTC: What is your favorite tool in the shop?
CH: I am rather fond of the table saw. We are very good friends. I call him Bob.

FTC: What is your funniest PAC shop memory?
CH: This one time, in the PAC shop, the great and glorious John N. Johnston microwaved a board, bent it, and commanded it to stay bent. It did. Good times were had by all. Shout-out to my fallen (read: graduated) peeps, JJ and TaCo.

Come see Carson’s set and the rest of Front Row in “Rabbit Hole” this April 17th, 18th, and 19th!


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