Rabbit Hole Chat: Jordan Miller

Jordan is a freshman in the College and a brand-new member of Front Row board! He’s also the Props Designer for FTC’s upcoming production of “Rabbit Hole”!

Jordan Miller

FTC: What is the job of the props designer?
JM: I’m in charge of collecting all of the props that we’ll need for the production. It could be a table cloth, a stuffed animal or crème caramel – I’ve got to find it. I also have to decide what I want the look of the props to be, ideally without spending too much.

FTC: What bumper sticker best describes you?
JM: Something that says “take it easy”, since I have respect for people who can appreciate the little things and who can take life slow.

FTC: How many FTC shows have you worked on?
JM: This is my second Front Row show, but my first show here in a technical theatre role.

FTC: What is the funniest prop you have to find?
JM: I have to find a toy that makes an annoying noise. You know, something like a monkey that bangs symbols together or a hamster that dances and plays the monster mash. I haven’t decided which one it’ll be.

FTC: If you had to perform in a middle school talent show, what would you do?
JM: What a crazy question! I’d probably do some sort of improvisational comedy act, since that’s something I’ve been doing for a few years now. Otherwise I don’t have any strange talents.

FTC: What have you learned through this experience?
JM: It’s been cool to see a production from the other side of the curtain, so to speak. I’ve been in theatre for a few years, but I’ve always been onstage. Getting familiar with the inner workings of tech has been really great.

Come see Jordan’s props and the rest of Front Row in “Rabbit Hole” this April 17th, 18th, and 19th!


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