Cabaret Spotlight: Kelly-Ann Corrigan

Kelly-Ann is a senior in the College and Front Row’s longest serving board member! She talks about her role producing FTC’s upcoming performance of “Cabaret”!

Zach Baldwin

FTC: What is the producer of a Tac-e show responsible for?
KC: Everything that happens outside of the rehearsal room – though, you do schedule rehearsal space. This means you are responsible for designers, load-in, the tech week schedule, and any and all other odds and ends. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to make sure everything gets done even if it’s not specifically your job. I think the biggest thing to remember is that when something doesn’t get done, you have to do it – regardless of who was supposed to do it in the first place. If something goes wrong, that’s also ultimately your fault. It’s a lot to take on but there’s nothing better than seeing the final product come together. I mean I wrote a 15 page guide on How to Produce a TAC-e show so there’s a lot…

FTC: What’s your favorite part about producing?
KC: When the lights go down at the end of opening night, there’s an unimaginable sense of pride that a producer feels. That’s why I keep doing it: the overwhelming feeling that you’re part of an incredible product that’s so much bigger than yourself. That feeling is addicting.

FTC: If you could go anywhere in the world for dinner where would you go and why?
KC: I would go to Italy because I love pasta…and cheese. I LOVE pasta and cheese.

FTC: How many FTC shows have you worked on?
KC: Including the upcoming Spring 2014 Production of Rabbit Hole, 15. We used to do a staged reading workshop too; I guess if you include those then it’s 18. I’ve worked on every Front Row Show since the Fall of my freshmen year. I’m the only person currently on board who worked on the Fall 2010 show, Bug.

FTC: What song is stuck in your head right now?
KC: Fixer Upper from Frozen.

Come see Kelly-Ann and the rest of Front Row put on “Cabaret” this February 20th, 21st, and 22nd!