Cabaret Spotlight: Sarah Middough

Sarah Middough (also called Smiddy) is a senior in the College and is playing Sally Bowles in FTC’s upcoming production of “Cabaret”!

Sarah Middough

FTC: Who is Sally Bowles?
SM: A perfectly marvelous girl.

FTC: What’s your favorite part about musical theater?
SM: At Penn? In general? THIS IS HARD. The singing. That’s a cheesy answer but I stand by it.

FTC: If you could be in the Olympics for anything what would it be?
SM: Ugly face competition. I am a PRO.

FTC: How many FTC shows have you worked on?
SM: Three! [title of show], Last Five Years, and now Cabaret.

FTC: What is the funniest thing you’ve ever had to say on stage?
SM: “It’ssssssssssssss…soy sauce.” Less funny out of context, so you’ll have to trust me on this one.

FTC: What your favorite line in Cabaret?
SM: “I think people are people Cliff, I really do.” This is the only one I can remember at the moment….but I like it!

Come see Sarah and the rest of Front Row in “Cabaret” on February 20th, 21st, and 22nd!